Hi! I'm Sarah.

I'm obsessed with blogging businesses

I say “sure sounds good” probably 50 times a day.

I have a weakness for indie folk music, well-written books, assorted chocolate boxes, and spontaneous adventures.

My mission is to make you the owner of a successful blog-based business

I am originally from the Boston area but in the past ten years I have also lived in Germany, Costa Rica, and now Copenhagen, Denmark.

In January of 2016, my husband and I took a crazy leap of faith and moved from Hamburg, Germany (his hometown) to Costa Rica.

I took it as a chance to try something I had always wanted to do….blogging.

I started a blog about moving abroad and all the factors that go into it.

I became that person putting in 12+ hours a day into blogging. 

Despite my hard work I still wasn’t making money.

When I say I started a blog about moving abroad and all the factors that go into it, I literally included all the factors that go into it.

I straight up made a page for EVERY. SINGLE. COUNTRY. in the world. 

Yes, there are 195 recognized countries in the world.

It was nuts and complete overkill. 🤦🏽‍♀️

After one year of failing as a blogger I decided I needed a change…A clean slate if you will

I gave myself some major pep talks and then I started a Costa Rica travel blog.

This time I went into blogging with a different mindset.

I simplified everything.

I created clear goals.

I made a framework for myself (which I call the Blog Treasure Map).

And guess what? It worked!

Within three months of starting, I was reaching a growing audience and making more money than ever before.

And it has continued to just keep getting better and better.

Now My Days Consist Of

Chai Lattes 39%
Spotify Discover Playlists 50%
Dance Party Breaks 38%
Growing My Blog Based Businesses 75%

Blogging has allowed me to....

– Start several businesses. It’s pretty cool/ weird to say I own businesses

– Build multiple lucrative passive income streams. It’s awesome to watch the money come in as I sleep! 

– Travel when I want and where I want. Some fun places I’ve visited in the past few years are Panama, Peru, the Galapagos, Italy, Norway, and home to my family in the US whenever I want.

– Learn so much about blogging, creating my own income, SEO, social media, graphic design, and more!

– Feel proud of myself. Like, I did this. I was able to create this future for myself.

I Started Hello Blogger Because....

Look, I’ve been through it. I know what it is like to start a blog with no idea what you are doing. 

There is so much info out there on the internet. And I believe that most of it is created with good intentions, but it can be so easy to get lost in the noise.

I’m tired of seeing those influencers touting that they make $20,000 a month and you can also earn that much if you take their course.

Do you know how they make $20,000 a month?

It is by selling you their course. 

That’s just not my vibe. 

I started this website for two reasons.

  • To help you. I have a lot of knowledge and I am here to share it. If I can make your journey as a blogger easier, then I am so happy. My goal is to not just help you with your business but to also help YOU as the person behind your business. 
  • To make money. I’m not going to lie. I make money off of this site. But, this is not my only blog income source. I started this site after already making a very decent income from my Costa Rica travel blog. I make money off of this site because I feel I deserve to be paid for my work (and you should too). But, I always stay true to my values and only promote products that I actually use and love for my blog businesses. 

I am here to make sure your dream blog based business becomes a thriving reality!

You Should Start a Blog If:

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I believe…

  • When you have a goal you CAN achieve it. I am here to guide you in your transformation from an initial idea to developing a successful blog biz.
  • All the negative things we say about ourselves are not true. You are oh so worthy of success!
  • We manifest what we want out of life. I’m not going to get all into higher power and energy stuff on you, but if you want something enough, you will make it happen. 
  • I believe blogging success is possible. It is all about having the right foundation and framework.
  • Your business is allowed to look any way you want it. There are no rules in blogging. Your goal doesn’t need to be to grow your business bigger and bigger. Your goal can be to make enough to quit your job and buy a bungalow on the beach in Bali. Whatever YOU want your lifestyle to look like is up to you!