Create Your First Product or Service (That Sells Out)


Creating your own products or services is an amazing way to generate an income with blogging. Personally, it took me a few years before I created my own products because I was scared. I was like, “who am I to sell this type of service?” BUT the surprising thing is once I started selling items that I created I discovered my loyal readers loved them! 

And these items added value to their life. And they kept coming back for more and bringing their friends as well. 

Product Ideas

There are so many amazing product ideas out there that I have seen on various blogs! 

Digital Products

Digital products are very popular right now and a great way to share your knowledge with your readers. In fact, I sell digital products on my site and they do very well. Plus, my readers love them because they save them so much time and hassle.




Physical Products

Physical products would be something like a t-shirt, hat, planner, etc. Basically, anything that you will mail to someone who purchases the item.

Depending on your blog topic, physical products can be perfect.

For example, if you run a blog-based business about making soap, you could sell your own organic herbal soaps on your blog. If you run a blog-based business about organization you could sell a yearly planner that you design. Get it?

Service Ideas

Creating a service is great, but keep in mind that you should try to create as much of a passive income setup as possible so that you don’t become overwhelmed with the amount of work you are doing.

For example, I’ve had a lot of bloggers come to me saying, “I plan on offering my services as a coach and promoting it on my blog.”

That’s a great idea! Coaching is really popular nowadays. However, being a coach, whether it’s a career coach, lifestyle coach etc. requires a lot of active work on your part.

Instead, I stress to my mentees that maybe they can create an e-course, or membership site that offers the same transformative experience for their customer. This tends to be more cost-effective for the customer and frees up a lot of time for the coach.

On this site, I offer my Blog Treasure Map program. This program is a mix of group coaching and transformative lessons which my mentees can work through at their own pace. I opted for this type of structure because I wanted to be able to provide personalized help to all of you who are working towards growing your blog-based business, but I also wanted you to be able to work through certain things on your own timeline. I’m constantly tweaking this set up to ensure my customers get the most out of their experience and ensure that I feel comfortable.

Anyway, if you are interested in providing a service, here are some popular ones:


Design Service

Custom Item Creation


Retreats and Seminars

How to Create a Product or Service

It can be difficult to create a product or service if you’ve never done it before. One thing that has held me up is not even knowing how to get my products or services created as I want them. Over the years I have discovered some amazing companies which have made creation a bit easier. Here are my faves.

Printful: Printful is a fulfillment site in which you can create your own physical products such as t-shirts, hats, etc. Printful costs a bit more than other product creation sites, which means your profit margins might not be as high, but they are still my number one choice for product creation. The reason is because once you create your product and sales page, you don’t have to put in much work. With every order that is created Printful will design the product and sen dit to the consumer. In other words, there is no minimum sales amount and you don’t have to order a whole bunch of product, have it shipped to your house, and the fulfill the orders yourself every time an order comes in.

Teachable: Teachable is a leading platform for hosting online courses. It does take a bit of work to get used to, but as far as ecourse platforms go, it’s definitely my favorite.

Designing a Sales Page

One of the easiest ways to craft a high converting sales page is with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a free plugin extension offered on WordPress. It also works seamlessly with Elementor Pro (check out my Spruced Up Blog Templates for Elementor for premade WooCommerce sales pages.

The Importance of Customer Service

Obviously you want to provide the best service possible to your customers. But, how can you do that?

One thing I love to do is to have an automatic email sent about a week after a customer purchases my product.

In this email I thank them for purchasing my product and tell them not to hesitate to contact me if they have any questions. I also ask how they are enjoying the products so far.

If they answer with praise for the product you can then send them a personalized email asking if you can use their review on your Sales Page.

This automatic email does three things:

  1. Shows your customers that you care and helps convert them into repeat customers
  2. Offers you insight into areas in which you could improve your product
  3. Gives you the opportunity to easily get positive reviews which you can use to further promote your product.

How to Promote Your Product or Service

There are three main ways to promote your product or service, and I have mentioned them all before, but let me go in to a bit more detail now.

Promote Your Product on Nitty Gritty Posts

If you have read my guide on creating content, you may remember that your blog will have surface posts, mid-level posts, and nitty-gritty posts.

The nitty-gritty posts are the posts that provide the most in-depth information about your blog topic. They are the posts that your readers will read right before they are ready to solve their problem/ complete their journey.

This is also the perfect place to promote your products. See, your products should provide a solution to your readership. So, people reading your nitty-gritty posts are ready to solve their problems by buying your product.

Promote Your Product Through Social Media Ads

Have you ever noticed that sometimes on Facebook and Instagram you will see ads in your feed that seem to solve the exact problem you have recently been having?

Social media platforms track your online activity and cater the ads you see based on the things you have recently been looking at.

So, you can also create targeted ads that will appeal to your readers current issues.

A good way

Promote Your Product Through Your Sales Funnel

Promote Your Product on Third Party Sites

A third way to get your product seen and sold is through third party sites. One example of this is Etsy. Etsy is a platform in which sellers can sell artistic items they have designed. You can set it up that you sell your product through your blog as well as through a platform like Etsy. The nice thing about this is you can market to your blog readers as well as garner sales through what people search for on the third party platform.