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Determine Your Optimal Daily Schedule

I have to say, it’s a weird switch going from working for a company with a boss dictating your daily work life to being your own boss.

The freedom is amazing, but sometimes the freedom can be a bit overwhelming.

Nobody is dictating when you work, what you work on, what you have to wear to work etc.

These thing are now all up to you.

Personally, I find that often when I get in a blogging rut a big part of it is because I’ve gotten off my daily schedule.

Yes, running a blog-based business allows you the freedom to meet friends for lunch in the middle of the day or go shopping.

However, us humans thrive on consistency.

So, what can you do?

Morning Routine

I like to start my day with a solid morning routine that gets me ready to work. Here is what works for me. You will need to play around with your own morning routine to perfect it for yourself.

7:30: Wake up and get out of bed as fast as possible. If I stay in bed too long it becomes harder to get up and I find it completely throws me off.

I then brush my teeth, drink a glass of water, get dressed and go for a run or exercise at home. I currently live in Copenhagen, Denmark and there are for sure some days in the winter in which I look outside and think, “Nope. I’m not going out there.”

After I exercise I get dressed for the day.

I find that I take myself more seriously and feel overall more productive if I actually get dressed and try to look nice, not wear sweatpants all day.

I then grab my coffee off the counter that my husband makes me for me and head to my desk to start my day.

Usually, I start working by 8:30.

Work Routine

Again, this is something you will have to feel out for yourself, but I find I am typically most productive in the morning.

I try to schedule three main tasks for myself on a given day and two personal tasks. I find that this is an optimal amount so I don’t get overwhelmed and can balance my personal and work life.

So, I try do whichever task will require the most brainpower in the morning and the less complex tasks in the afternoon.

For example, I write all my blog posts in the morning. I create social media graphics in the afternoons.

I also prioritize stepping away from the computer. I try to take a ten minute break about once an hour. During this break I make sure I step away from the computer to give my brain a break.

This is great when you work from home. I get a lot of laundry done and dishes washed during my mini breaks.

I also take a twenty minute nap in the afternoon.


Well, because I can. I allow myself that luxury.

And I find that after I eat lunch I get really sluggish. A brief nap refuels me for the afternoon.

I always try to finish working by 4:30. That seems to be enough for me for one day.

Weekly & Monthly Routine

I like to take this one step further and create a weekly and monthly routine for myself. This helps me to stay on top of things such as blog posts and social media posts.

I’ll give you my weekly schedule for some inspo/ motivation.

Monday: Deal with whatever needs to be addressed that hasn’t been dealt with

Tuesday: Blog post writing…..for as long as I possibly can keep my brain functioning

Wednesday: Website updates and maintenance

Thursday: Product creation and updates

Friday: Whatever needs to get done. I try to keep Friday’s light and finish as early as possible

I take this one step further and have monthly schedules.

For example, I schedule all social media posts for the month on the first Friday of the month.

Now, I don’t always stick to this schedule exactly. But, it allows me to easily plan ahead for times when I know I will be traveling or have other things going on.

Eliminate Distractions

When you work from home it is easy to get distracted in your daily schedule. A few things have really worked for me.

– Have a designated work area. Only work when you are in that one area. This will help you to keep your brain on track.

blog bed
Don’t get in the habit of running your business from your bed….or couch…or any other place you typically relax

– Turn off email notification. I check my email once per day, in the afternoon. Why? Well, I don’t want the distraction of it during the day. And I find that starting my day by answering emails messes me all up on my productivity plan. And, because I can.

– Don’t keep your phone near your desk when working. Yeap, I’ve been known to go down the Instagram scroll rabbit hole a time or two instead of getting things done that actually need to get done.

Go Easy on Yourself

Although these are the things that work for me when creating a work schedule, trust me, I don’t always abide by it.

There are times when we all just need a break.

Trust me, sometimes my husband comes home from work and I’m in sweatpants watching my tenth episode of some true-crime series that I’ve become way too invested in. It happens.

And often I feel so guilty that he’s been at the office all day while I’ve been lounging. He would never make me feel bad for enjoying a relaxed day, but the internal guilt is real my friends.

However, I allow myself this luxury. Because, this freedom is part of the reason I started my businesses in the first place.

cute dog
Feeling like this? We’ve all been there…. Allow yourself the time to relax

Plus, if you follow my steps to blogging success, you have set yourself up to live on a passive income stream. You will still be making money while relaxing.

Basically, what I’m saying, is that as with anything, you may have moments of just being burned out. The luxury with blogging is that you can and should take that time for yourself. 

In the words of Kris Jenner, the momager we all need in our life, “You’re doing great sweetie.”

Your Work/ Life Balance

Have you ever read those quotes that are like, “If you want to be successful you need to read three business books and get rid of your Netflix account?”

I’m sorry, but no. I don’t subscribe to that lifestyle.

Your business does not need to take over your entire life. In fact, please don’t let it.

A work/ life balance is so important. You can and should love your blog and building your own business, but allowing yourself time to do things that help you relax or allow personal growth are equally as important.

If you are from the US you are likely used to not being able to have the best work-life balance and might continue on with that work ethic once you start your blog.

Just keep in mind, part of the reason you should start a blog based business is to allow yourself more freedom and free time. Please, take advantage of it.

I have found that taking frequent vacations allows me to come back into my business with a renewed motivation and fresh outlook.

I have also found that exercise and hobbies also keep me more motivated and successful.


  • Having a morning routine is a great foundation to a successful day
  • Having a consistent daily/ weekly/ and monthly schedule will make you more productive
  • Figure out your own optimal schedule based on how you like to work
  • A healthy work/ life balance is crucial to your success
  • Be easy on yourself. Some days just won’t go the way you plan