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Invest in Your Business Knowledge

My last piece of advice for you is to invest in your blog based business. 

I previously discussed hiring people to do tasks for you. 

Sometimes there are parts of running a business that are best achieved by investing in a program to further your own knowledge or implementing a product or service that can do a task for you.

Products or Services to Invest In

Products or services that I suggest investing in are things that may cost upfront money but will make running your business easier and will take you to new heights.

I listed all my favorite blog based business products and services in the Resources section of this site. These are all the tools I personally swear by for running my multiple businesses. 

Investing in Your Knowledge

It’s easy to be hard on yourself when it comes to running your blog based business. But, please don’t. Remember this is a brand new journey for you. You are bound to slip up. You are bound to be overwhelmed. You are bound to feel like you don’t know enough.

That’s OK!

Accept it, and then do something about it.

Furthering your own knowledge is the best tool you can have for success. 

I know I said in the last post that I like the quote that you should be the dumbest person in your own board room, and I stand by that, but you should at least feel like you deserve a seat at your own board table. 

And, you need the knowledge to even get to the point that we can even talk about there being a board table to begin with.

Pick the Right Medium

I find it a bit overwhelming to invest in your knowledge. There are so many courses, retreats, coaches, etc out there.

How do you pick the right one for you?

First off, think about how you learn best. 

Do you do well with learning at your own pace? Do you enjoy watching videos and reading long texts for gaining knowledge?

If yes, e-courses may be a good idea for you.

Do you enjoy a hands on approach? Do you want to be accountable for your actions?

If yes, a coaching approach is likely better for you.

Pick the Right Subject

Next it is necessary to figure out exactly what topic you need to learn. 

It is easy to be like, “AH I’m overwhelmed and feel dumb!” But, what exactly do you need? Do you want to learn more about social media? Do you want to learn more about the business side of blogging? Do you just need someone to hold your hand a bit?

Sit down and give yourself some time to figure out exactly what you need help with. 

Pick the Right Guide

Once you know the way you learn best and the subjects you need help with, it is time to find your guide.

The first thing I would do is to check in with any blog Facebook groups you are in. Post and ask if anybody has any good suggestions for courses, coaching programs etc. for you. You are bound to get some great answers.

I then suggest doing a Google search for reviews of the program names you are considering.

Now, just keep in mind, this can be tricky. A lot of people who host courses or coaching programs have affiliate programs or do sponsored posts. 

In other words, it can be difficult to suss out the genuine reviews from the ones that are paid to review.

The best way to tell if someone is an affiliate of a program is by clicking the link they provide to the program they suggest. Then, look at the link. If it is a long link with a partner ID code, then you know it is an affiliate link.

Now, I’m not saying don’t trust people who are affiliates. They could actually genuinely love the thing they are promoting.

I am an affiliate and get paid to promote several companies. 

And, I care a lot about transparency and only promote companies I am super obsessed with. 

Just be a bit wary.

I just want you to get your money’s worth.

Your Mindset Matters

Some courses or programs can just be straight up bad and not worth it.

But, some may be excellent and you might still feel like it’s not helping you.

Remember that your mindset and effort is everything. 

Take advantage of all aspects and tidbits of knowledge that the program has to offer. 

Keep notes. Implement strategies. Make plans of action. Do everything you can!

Final Thoughts

Here on Hello Blogger, I offer two ways to further your knowledge. I thought long and hard about how I personally learn best and how I can help you all the most with your new blog-based business.

So, I devised two structures that I use here on Hello Blogger.

Mini Courses (Coming Soon)

I wanted you to be able to get more in-depth knowledge on specific subjects that are important to your success.

So, I created mini-courses that will make you feel like a professional on the subject you choose.

These mini-courses are on subjects such a Pinterest, Facebook ads, Keyword Research, etc.

The Blog Treasure Map

This is my three month group coaching program that I offer new bloggers. This program is designed to:

  • Put your blog goals into a clear perspective
  • Create the exact plan you need for your specific blog to be a success
  • Hold your hand through the tough stuff and make you find the strength to be a success story

To be completely transparent, I thought of offering the Blog Treasure Map as a course. I could have made more money this way and it would have been way less input from me. It would have also allowed me more of a flexible passive income.

However, I don’t think a course would have been the best way for you all to get further in your blogging journey. 

See, for me, courses work great to learn a specific skill, but when it comes to big picture stuff, you need some personal attention.

I’m super proud of the transformative journey that The Blog Treasure Map provides to bloggers who are serious about their business success.

If you think this sounds perfect for you, join the waitlist. My team will let you know when a spot has opened.

Note: The reason there is a waitlist is because I only offer this program four times a year to twelve students at a time. I want my students to get devoted attention and I only accept students who are serious about making their business a success.

And with that, we are done!

I hope you enjoyed this series and you feel ready to get out there to start your new life as the owner of a successful blog-based business.

I’m proud of you! You’ve got this! You are on the road to being an amazing blog based business owner!

Now, go grab a glass of champagne, eat that pint of Ben Jerry’s or whatever your vice may be, and celebrate all the big things happening and all the good energy heading your way!