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Time for Some

Real Talk

I get it. Starting a blog-based business can be a bit overwhelming. But, you can make your life easier with certain tools, websites, and software. 

I created this resource list to share with you all of my favorite companies which I use to streamline my businesses.

And, bonus! A bunch of the resources on this list are free to use.

Build a Strong Blog Foundation


My favorite free tool for checking domain names. It allows you to easily see which domain names are available along with the corresponding social media handles.


The perfect hosting for starting your blog. Their customer service is excellent, their prices are fair, and their site speed is great. I use SiteGround for this site.

Spruced Up Blogger

My Elementor page builder template collection. This is the exact product I wish I had when I started blogging.

Elementor Pro

The best page builder for WordPress to create visually appealing websites without any coding. I use Elementor on all my blogs.


A free extension you can add to Google Chrome that will correct all of your spelling and grammar mistakes as you work. It also corrects mistakes as you type on WordPress.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Photoshop and Lightroom are my two favorite tools for editing photos and making them look on brand.


A great free tool for graphic creation. If you are new to graphic design, this will be easier for you to use than Photoshop but offers less customization.


The most popular Content Delivery Network (CDN). This makes it so your site can be served from different locations depending on where your readers are located. This helps with site speed, security, and reliability.

Grow a High Converting Audience


A bit pricey, but if you are serious about upping your SEO game, this is the tool you need. I use it every single day to check my SEO stats, for writing keyword-rich articles, checking my competition etc.


A free plugin for WordPress that checks each post and tells you if the structure is good from an SEO standpoint. It also submits your sitemap to Google for crawling.


Tailwind is a tool for scheduling Pinterest posts. They have recently moved into the Instagram scheduling market as well.


I have used a lot of email marketing platforms and to be honest, most are rather similar. Lately I have been liking MailerLite for their customization options, fair rates, and helpful customer service.

Foster the Best Income Sources


If you plan on creating e-courses as part of your blog based business income plan, Teachable is my go-to platform for hosting your courses.


A great site for creating merch (T-shirts, phone cases, etc) that are created upon each customer'd order. In other words, their prices are a bit higher, but in turn you can sell merch without any up front costs.


A free WordPress plugin that is great for selling your products or services. Create product pages, sales pages, streamline the checkout process etc.


My ride or die ad platform. Seriously, they are the most transparent, honest, helpful company I have ever worked with. Just note you need to have 50k site sessions per month in order to get approved to join their network.


A huge network of sponsorship opportunities. You can find something for almost every type of blogger here.


A great platform finding sponsored post opportunities no matter how many readers you have or what your blog niche is.

Amazon Associates

One of the best affiliate programs I have found. I love Amazon because it requires very little work from you. The perfect passive income set up!

CJ Affiliates

Many companies run their affiliate program through CJ Affiliates. I'll be honest, I find CJ a bit annoying to use, but if you would like to use one of their many many affiliate programs, you kind of just have to deal.


Skimlinks pays a bit less than other affiliate programs but the easiness of setting it up is amazing, especially for beginning blog based businesses. It's one of those set up and forget it things. Then just watch the money roll on in.

Continue to Repeat Your Success

You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero

One of the best books out there for keeping that money maing motivation strong

Keep in mind, one of the best ways to make money as a blogger is through affiliate links.

Some of the products or services I suggest contain affiliate links.

This is at no extra cost to you.

I only ever recommend products or services that I actually really love and have helped for my own blog success. 

Subpar services have no place here!