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Dismiss Everything You Were Taught About Making Money

Have you dealt with you money mindset issues and now feel ready to make serious money with your blog? 

Awesome, let’s get to it!

Now that you are the proud and motivated owner of a killer blog based business you will no longer be under the thumb of “the man” and receive a biweekly check for your 40 hour weeks of time.

Say goodbye to dudes like this killing your life vibe

All the ways your blog based business makes money are dependent on you.

Now, hopefully, since you have sorted out your money mindset you are seriously excited about making boatloads of money from your new business.

Because you know what? You CAN get rich from blogging.

You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) settle for some pennies thrown at you from sub par ad networks.

You need to find the ways to get money to seemingly grow on trees for you.

So, where are those places?

Well, I get into my favorite ways of making money in the next two posts.

But, don’t jump ahead just yet.

I have a few more things to say about creating a good income foundation first.

Spammy vs. Money

One fear for a lot of bloggers is that they don’t ever want to feel as though they are spamming their readers with tons of ads on their site or links to products that they don’t really believe in just to make money. 

I mean, of course you don’t want to spam your readers. If they feel like you and your blog aren’t trustworthy then they won’t come back.

Plus, you have this thing called a conscious and I know how it feels when your conscious eats at you. It’s rough.

So, what can you do to make serious bank and feel good about it?

Well, I subscribe to the idea that as long as the product or service you are pushing to your readers is something you actually believe in and as long as it will push your readers towards solving their problem, you are good.

If you follow my principles of structuring your blog to take your readers on a journey to a solution for their problem, you are 100% not spamming them.

In fact, they are thankful for your help.

They want to buy your products or services to further their journey.

Also, price yourself accurately. So often I see my students in my Blog Treasure Map coaching program charge under $50 for a product or service that took them months and months to create.


Charge your worth and knowledge. The right customers will purchase from you.

Your Income Foundation

Keep in mind that what works for you and your blog in order to make a decent income will be completely your own.

In other words, what works for some bloggers might not work for you and your blog. 

Income sources need to be based on your particular blog niche and your personality as well.

You’re not going to do well with sponsored social media posts if you hate being active on social media. You’re not going to do well with retreats for your readers if you dislike speaking in public and meeting new people.

So, as you continue to read about the different ways bloggers make money, keep your personality in mind. 

And be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses. This blogging business thing is hard enough without trying to force yourself into doing something you don’t want. 

Passive Income Mindset Shift

Another thing to keep in mind is the passive income mindset shift. You will now be making money in a completely different way than you ever likely have before. 

Instead of having hours worked reflect income made you will now live in a world in which there is no longer this type of relationship.

Now, you may put in hundreds of hours setting up your site and revenue streams without making a dime.

This can be difficult and you may find yourself occasionally thinking, “Ugh! What’s the point?”

Well, there is a point. You need to trust that all your initial work will translate into an ongoing passive income source for years and years to come.

You are now setting up the foundation for income to be continuously made. Over and over. And hopefully increasing exponentially. 

Keep in mind that this is how people become rich.

This is also how people take back their life and have freedom.

Your chances of becoming wealthy while working a nine to five, day in and day out are slim.

Your chances of becoming wealthy while creating your own products and services and harnessing other amazing income schemes go way way up.

And even though running your own business and setting up this type of passive income stream is a lot of work, you will also have the flexibility of working when you want.

The ultimate payoff is when you get to the point in which you can scale your business by hiring trustworthy people to run everything for you while you lounge with your feet in the water outside one of those overwater bungalows in the Maldives and drink pina Coladas while knowing that your mortgage is paid off at home. 

Just imagine your amazing self in one of those pool front lounge chairs. Let’s get you there!

Don’t even try to tell me you wouldn’t enjoy that. 

Tip: Keep passive income in mind as you continuously evolve your blog income sources. In other words, limit the number of income sources that involve a trade-off of your time for money such as coaching, creating products specifically for clients etc.

You Audience is a Reflection of Your Income

To make money you need to actually get people to your blog. 

Your audience doesn’t need to be huge to make a decent income. You just need the right audience (the people that actually want and need your help) and the right income sources (the income sources that will actually help these people).

If you haven’t already read the section on growing a high converting audience I suggest you go ahead and do that.

Your Income Mind Map

How you opt to set up your revenue stream is completely up to you. However, make a plan. 

Once a year I like to make two diagrams. One is all my income sources that I have had for the past year. The other diagram is all the income sources I plan to use in the next year. 

Visualizing this really helps to put it into perspective. Sometimes you will realize that an income steam which may require a lot of work from you is not actually worth your effort. 

Axe it.

Remember, your goal is to build a successful blog based business. And, in my opinion, that means passive income is essential. Things that are time sucks with no return have got to go.

Tip: Want to use the exact diagram I use for tracking my income sources? Sign up below to get access to the Success Library and check out the printable Income Mindmap. 


Alright, now let’s get into the ways blog based businesses make that money honey. Yeay!


  • You will operate your blog based business with a passive income money-making scheme
  • This is how you get rich and still have time to live a fulfilling life
  • Create a money-making diagram to continuously track what is working and what isn’t working in your business