Should You Start a Blog?

the pros & cons

Pro #1

Bloggers have a better chance than ever to make a successful career due to the continuous rise of influencer culture

con #1

Blogging as a business take a lot of work and self discipline. There is nobody who will assign direct tasks to you with deadline

Pro #2

By running a blog based business you can work the hours that you want...not the hours a boss wants.

con #2

Success won't happen overnight (usually). You need to be prepared that it can take several months or years before the money and site traffic starts rolling in.

Pro #3

Starting a blog costs very little money, unlike most businesses. You can start your first blog for under $200.

con #3

Blogging as a business is about more than just writing articles. You will need to learn graphic design, social media, and how to run a business.

Pro #4

Forget about working with that colleague you always seem to disagree with. You are now the only colleague you need to deal with

con #4

The comparison game is real. It is not unusual to feel that other people are finding success faster than you or are better than you. It can be difficult!